Wired audio guide system

Wired audio guide system

Our wired audio guide system is the ‘classic’ solution for your tourist fleet. It’s easy to use, rugged, and well-known by practically every traveller out there.

Wired Audio guide system


Wired audio guide system – how it works

To start, the driver selects the tour from the large touch screen. Guests receive a set of headphones and simply plug the 3.5 mm jack into the module near their seat. After intuitively selecting the language and volume, they sit back, relax, and enjoy compelling stories of the inspiring world around them.


Wired audio guide system – technology

The plug-and-play system consists of a central computer (CPU), a monitor for the driver, seat units, and wiring. You can easily install it yourself, but our team of professional fitters is also happy to quickly install the system in your bus, boat, or city train.

Uploading or changing audio content can be done locally, or through our cloud solution. Our leading GPS technology adapts in real-time to changing traffic situations. This guarantees that commentary is always played when actually passing the point of interest.


Wired audio guide system – key features

Bus installation


      • Up to 32 languages, including children’s or specially-themed channels
      • Audio guide without the use of a phone, ideal for older guests
      • Option to sell company-branded headphones
      • Local & remote updates and content management
      • Fast boarding, ideal for Hop-on-Hop-off vehicles
      • GPS-triggered audio clips with a manual override function
      • Easy-to-use monitor for drivers and skippers
      • Simple, reliable installation and low maintenance costs


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