To make sure that our clients get the best out of our products, we offer some services to support the whole operation. Next to easy to use software to create your own routes, we also offer a remote service that allows you to distribute content update to all audio guides. Also, we can provide installation support, both remotely as well as on-site.

GreatGuide Remote

We have a unique service concept in place called GreatGuide Remote. Our service concept will help you maximise the continuity of your operation for guide tours.  GreatGuide Remote will also help generate cost efficiencies by enabling remote updates for your fleet (content, routes, software) and a more cost efficient (speed, costs) and technical support from us. For this the CPU will be equipped with a professional modem.

GreatGuide Remote tool and services:

  • technical remote service via our help and support desk
  • GreatGuide route creator
  • GreatGuide Remote is a portal for managing remote updates for your fleet: content, routes and software
  • remote track and trace of your vehicles

Installation support

The GreatGuide system can be supplied as a DIY kit (Do It Yourself Kit). It uses standard Cat5 cable and it is easy for you to do the installations yourself. 

Alternatively, if you require it, we have a team available that can support you with the installation on location.

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