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GreatGuide team

Brothers Geert and Joris Kroon founded Global Guide Systems in 2006, offering intelligent audio guide commentary solutions to tour operators. Our head office is located in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Only a bike ride away from the canals of Amsterdam, where the first-ever audio-guided tour took place on a boat.

The start of Wifi audio guide system

That same year, we single-handedly developed a unique Wifi commentary system for vehicles. Apart from eliminating the need for onboard cables, it dramatically improved the user experience and enabled direct communication between operators and guests. No surprise our invention was an instant hit in the tourism industry.

From local dealer to global leader

Paul Francoys joined the team in 2016, and the following year we became the Dutch market leader in GPS-triggered audio guide systems. We adapted to our current name after we acquired the GreatGuide company in 2022. 

As of today, GreatGuide products are used in more than 1.000 boats, buses, and city trains every day. With 75 clients, in 66 cities, in 24 countries, we are active on every continent of the planet. It is with great pride that we can rightly call ourselves the global leader in GPS audio guide systems.

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