GreatGuide have established themselves as the world leaders in location based (GPS) commentary systems. Our unique algorithms know exactly where the vehicle or visitor is and automatically decides what content to play or present. The proven reliability and consistency of this “automatic” play has enabled us to expand across the globe.

GreatGuide - WiFi

Our wifi audio guided system is developed in such a way that it enables tourists to use their own smartphone or tablet for listening to the audio-guide, in the language of their own choice, without the need to install anything. 

We have developed a system that creates a local Wifi-network in a boat or bus. We connect this system to a GPS, which is used to trigger the audio based on the position of the boat or bus. This means that even when the route is changed, the visitor will get the right information on the right spot at the right moment.

What makes the system unique is that users do not have to install an app to use the audioguide; they only have to connect to the Wifi-network on the boat or bus. They are then automatically redirected to a portal page, and from there on to the web-based audio guide. 

We offer the content as a web-app. This gives the same experience as a real app, except that visitors do not have to download or install anything before getting started. It is very easy to get connected and ensures that guests can start using the audio guide straight away. 

Main characteristics:

  • unique Wifi-based audio solution via the mobile phone (Bring Your Own Device)
  • easy content management
  • very easy to install into a bus or boat
  • no need to install any app (web browser solution)
  • remote update and content management
  • possibility for additional content, such as photos or advertorials
  • unlimited range of languages
  • Integration with free wifi 4G internet
  • If required, we can also provide you with a wi-fi hotspot for your vehicle.

GreatGuide – Wired

The GreatGuide-wired system is developed in such a way that it enables tourists to have a guided tour via a headset or earplugs and choose a language of their choice. The audio is automatically played based and triggered on GPS coordinates. The system is especially suited for Hop-off-Hop-off services and vehicles.

Main characteristics:

  • tour audio triggered by GPS or manually
  • easy to use for bus driver or skipper
  • easy and fast on-off boarding of visitors
  • especially suited for Hop-off-Hop-off vehicles

GreatGuide - Amplified

The GreatGuide-Amplified system offers the audio via speakers to the tourists. Our wifi audio guided system is developed in such a way that it enables tourists to have a guided tour via the speakers in languages of choice. The audio is automatically played based and triggered on GPS coordinates. It is a flexible solution and easy to use.

Main characteristics:

  • easy to use for staff
  • plays audio automatically on GPS basis via the speakers
  • up to four languages
  • (remote update and content management system)
  • easy to install into a bus or boat 
  • (low maintenance costs)

Content Services

Content services

Capturing the “Spirit” of a destination is no easy feat. Every destination has its own unique flavour, that is buried deep within its thousands of hidden stories. It is not only the stories of the city but also the stories of the country and nationalities that all need to blend to give you as a visitor a 360° full experience. Allow our team of expert content researchers, writers, translators and voice overs create a unique experience for your city’s travellers.

(Besides providing you with our technical Audiouide solutions we also have a team in place with different specialists for the creation of the content for your tour. These services range from story and script writing, making translations to the actual spoken audio in any language (voices).)

Contact us for more information.

The Private Guide is capable of storing up to 16 different languages and 10 different routes and will play a single language at a time via your car’s radio.

Other solutions

GreatGuide - Video

The Audioguide Video is a revolutionary and proven tourist GPS-triggered videoguide-system for boats and buses. Our videoguided system is developed in such a way that it enables tourists to have a visual guided tour on screens on board of the vehicle. 

Main characteristics

  • easy to use for staff
  • plays video automatically on GPS basis 
  • possibility for additional content, text or advertorials 
  • enhanced experience for visitors
  • development of video content by our team if required

Commentary Systems

Smart map app

t is of crucial importance to inform and guide tourists especially in the hop-on hop -off market to your boats and buses. Your clients need to understand what you have to offer and where and how they can find you.

We have developed an app-platform that offers a solution for this. It shows a map of a city with recommended routes, highlighted attractions and shows the real-time positions of the buses and boats including their stops. It combines the timetables of all the stops with any information you would like to offer to your visitors, including integration of ticket sales.

The  smart map app is a wonderful means of communication with your visitors. This all in an user-friendly app in the look and feel of your own company.


Main characteristics

  • show your routes, stops and timetables, real-time locations of your fleet 
  • city-/area-map including highlights and “where am I” 
  • promote your own attractions and ticket shops and those of your partners 
  • ticket-sales 
  • multi-language 
  • manage your own content with web-based content management system 
  • customised Look and feel of the app
  • ability to communicate to your visitors 
  • possibility to add integrated guided walking-tours

Capture the spirit of travel

and partner with the GreatGuide 360° experience!

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