Wifi audio guide system

Wifi audio guide system

Can you imagine a tourist without a cell phone? Neither can we. Our Wifi multilingual commentary audio guide turns each mobile phone on board into a personal, interactive audio device, without the need to install anything. 

Wifi audioguide


Wifi audio guide system – how it works

CSS Rotterdam


To start, the driver selects the tour from the large touch screen. Guests scan

the QR code, easily connect their phone to the Wifi network, and choose their preferred language. All without the need for an app. They listen to fascinating stories through their own headphones and use free Wifi to instantly share their experience on social media.



Wifi audio guide system – bring your own device

The advantage of our Wifi multilingual commentary system, is that it makes smart use of the mobile phone of your guests. This ‘bring your own device’ solution, called BYOD, works superbly with free Wifi. It allows you to show the route live on their screen, promote related products, and highlight associated partners.



Wifi audio guide system – technology

We load the central computer (CPU) with content and create a private wireless network throughout your bus, boat, or city train. Our leading GPS technology triggers audio clips at the moment they become relevant. Regardless of time lost due to traffic, the friendly voice always corresponds with the point of interest outside. As you know, timing is crucial to the impact of storytelling.



Wifi audio guide system (BYOD) – key features


    • Easy to use monitor for drivers and skippersSplash bus
    • Small Wifi box and cable-free installation: save space on board
    • Advanced GPS system triggers each audio clip at the right moment
    • Guests use their own phone (BYOD) without the need for internet or an app
    • Unlimited audio guide languages available
    • Low energy consumption, ideal for your electric fleet
    • Very cost-efficient solution
    • Scalable for larger boats, buses, or city trains with multiple antennas


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