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GreatGuide have established themselves as the world leaders in location based (GPS) commentary systems. Our unique algorithms know exactly where the vehicle or visitor is and automatically decides what content to play or present. The proven reliability and consistency of this “automatic” play has enabled us to expand across the globe.

Our systems are suitable for:

Commentary Systems

Buses & Coaches

Commentary Systems


Commentary Systems

Walking tours

Fixed Dual Solution

The innovative GreatGuide G4 Dual Multilingual system is designed to entice use by both the Millennial/ Smartphone generation as well as traditional users.

For Traditional Users – up to 31 channels of audio is available via wired seat units.

Millennial/Smartphone Users can connect through their Smart Devices to the bus local wi-fi system. They can connect to the local server via their web browser. ( NO Cellular data is needed) and listen to the commentary in their language of choice. As the vehicle moves around your city their screen is updated with the latest GEO tagged information– be it a map: or what to expect at the next bus stop: or for more information on the nearby attraction they are passing; ( Video, text or pictures) or even pop up advertising that promotes specials in the area.

If required, we can also provide you with a wi-fi hotspot for your vehicle.

Our Fixed Dual Solution System Comprises:

Wired Solutions

GreatGuide’s G2 Multilingual Wired solution plays clear digital commentary that is either GPS or driver-triggered for up to 31 audio channels through individually wired seat units.

Our dual seat units means there is less connection interference and also feature a 20% higher volume than standard units for improved quality and customer satisfaction.

Smartphone Integrations

Attract the millennial traveler as well as other Smartphone users with our Smartphone integrated solutions. While on board visitors can use relax knowing that they are not using their GSM or mobile data and tune into the buses commentary (in their language of choice) using their Smartphones web browser. In addition to the standard commentary they can receive additional GEO located information such as the next Bus stops or even pictures, videos and texts of the landmarks they are passing.

As an operator you can earn extra additional income by selling pop up adverts onto the phone’s screen. For the audio impaired visitor – hand out an onboard tablets and allow the commentary text(in the language of choice) to be GEO located and automatically display for visitor to read.

Then when off the bus – allow visitors to also download your city app and easily discover where you bus stops are, and what time their next bus will be arriving (this will use the visitors GSM data).

Portable Smartphone Solutions

Portable Mobile Solution

Turn any bus, coach or boat into a multilingual commentary system – in just 60 seconds. Simply plug in our portable system and off you go.

Our latest GreatGuide G4 Mobile Multilingual System allows visitors to connect their mobile devices to the buses local wi-fi system via their web browser. Once they have connect to the local server (no cellular data is needed) they can listen to the commentary in their language of choice.

As the vehicle moves around your city, their device is updated with the latest GEO tagged information. The information served to their devices can include text, maps, video or images making the experience engaging and completely interactive. Routes, info on upcoming stops, insights on nearby points of interest and even pop up adverts that promote specials in the area are delivered to your clients device in realtime, adding depth and value to your tour offering. As an added extra, our system can provide your guests with a wi-fi hotspot in the vehicle.

Guests travelling without a mobile device are also able to access these value adding services by using dedicated devices distributed by your driver/guide or host.

Benefits Of Our Mobile Portable Solution

Touch Free (Covid 19)

Allowing your guests access your interactive guide without asking them to handle communal devices will make them feel more safe and save you time and money spent on cleaning and disinfecting devices.

Cost Effective

Our portable mobile solution is especially cost effective for operators running multiple smaller vehicles or operators that hire vehicles for their tours. The system can be moved from one vehicle to another in an instant and does not require any permanent hardware installation or vehicle modifications. As a further convenience, our portable solution can be integrated into an existing system or operate as a standalone solution.

Keeps Your Intelectual Data Safe

The fact that our solution runs on a web-browser rather than through a native web-application means that your data is always secure.

Faster Tour Turnaround Time

Your driver/guide/host will be able to get your tours started and completed in less time due to the fact that the system negates the need to distribute devices before the tour and collect them from your guests afterwards.

Commentary Systems

Single Language

You can turn any vehicle into a GPS guided tour with our private guide device. You only need to pair the Bluetooth to the vehicle’s radio and the device will deliver their GPS located commentary via the radio . The onboard (off line) navigation and map will keep the driver on the correct route by telling him where to turn.

The Private Guide is capable of storing up to 16 different languages and 10 different routes and will play a single language at a time via your car’s radio.

Commentary Systems


Capturing the “Spirit” of a destination is no easy feat. Every destination has its own unique flavour, that is buried deep within its thousands of hidden stories. It is not only the stories of the city but also the stories of the country and nationalities that all need to blend to give you as a visitor a 360° full experience. Allow our team of expert content researches, writers, translators and voice overs create a unique experience for your city’s travelers.

Some of the many languages that we speak!

Commentary Systems

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