Commentary SystemsSome of our clients were recently in Hong Kong during the protest action; fortunately, they were not affected by any of the disruptions. We disrupt the market in a positive manner where we design products to safeguard your plan B in the event of negative disruptions. Had any of our buses been affected, our productivity toot-kit updates would have allowed drivers to easily negotiate changes to routes and challenges that would follow. We like to give everybody peace of mind when things can potentially go wrong.

We have recently updated our productivity toolkit with some innovative products to keep up with market demand:

• Our location-based commentary system means that if your tours are re-routed. Our commentary will still follow you on your known route diversion.
• There will be no awkward silence when your bus changes routes ensuring your professionalism is guaranteed under all circumstances.
• If your regular driver is unavailable and you need to use a replacement – The training time is greatly reduced as all they only need to know the route and not where or how to play the commentary as our systems will automatically play you content in the correct location and correct time. No more need to manually trigger manual voice content…
• Should you encounter heavy traffic and delays not only will we keep your guests distracted with interesting information about the road less travelled but we also like to add some good local music to fill in the spaces and entertain your guests.
• Our scheduling tool will allow your guests to get live information regarding your buses current location as well as the expected stop arrival times.
• GPS tracking will allow you to see where all of your vehicles are located and on what routes they are on

We would also like to take this opportunity to apologise that we were unable to attend the Hong Kong conference. However, we look forward to seeing you at next year’s Grayline conference.

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