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Multilingual audio guide content

Having an advanced audio system on board is great, but it really starts paying off when it’s fuelled with compelling content. The impact of stories is extra powerful when what you hear corresponds perfectly with what you see. That’s why we take content creation seriously.

Content creation


Mighty storytelling

Storytelling is a mighty tool to engage tourists. Seeing a cathedral and at the same time hearing how it played an important role in the city’s uprising is one thing. But finding out how this day in history still brings the locals together every year to drink and dance in honor of their freedom, is something else. When done right, audio tours have a huge impact on how travellers remember the surroundings.


Content that resonates with your target group

This depth of narrative can only be achieved by gathering significant local knowledge. Our copywriter connects with historical, cultural, and other experts, diving into topics that matter most to your target group. Stories are written in an inclusive and energetic tone of voice, with respect to your brand values. And thanks to our advanced GPS system, each tailor-made story fits perfectly within the available time to pass the point of interest.


Voices bring the story alive

Which voice delivers these stories to guests is equally important. For recording the script, we have a broad selection of native speakers in every language imaginable. Male or female, old or young, serious or humorous, human or AI-generated… you decide how you want to bring these stories alive. To make the experience even more exciting, we can enrich the commentary with music and sound design (SFX).


Unique audio guide experience

Together with you, we can create first-class multilingual commentary content that stands out from the competition. A unique experience with original stories will hold your audience’s attention. Quality storytelling is what guests appreciate, and what makes them come back for more.


Audio guide content – key features

  • Unique, tailor-made, GPS-triggered contentContent creation
  • Scriptwriter on location for in-depth stories
  • Audio guide translations into any language
  • Option for children’s version audio guide
  • Choose from dozens of voices per language
  • Professional sound designers available
  • Complete project management for your audio guide
  • Highly effective workflow for the fastest content implementation
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