Amplified audio guide system

Amplified audio guide system

The amplified audio guide is an easy-to-install system that delivers engaging stories to tourists through on-board speakers. Especially in smaller groups, a shared experience is great for social dynamics. The casual vibe stimulates cross-selling and often leads to positive reviews.


Amplified audio guide systems


Amplified audio guide system – how it works

Amplified audio guide

To start, the driver selects the tour from the large touch screen. Guests enjoy quality storytelling, without the need for their phone or earbuds. If needed, multiple languages will be played in consecutive order. For maximum engagement, each audio clip is GPS triggered at the moment the story is most relevant to your guests.






Amplified audio guide system – technology

Our leading GPS technology makes sure audio clips are played at the right moment, regardless of delays or traffic. The central computer (CPU) is connected to our server, simplifying the upload of adjustments, remote updates, and content management. The touch screen with a straightforward interface connects directly to the speakers, which also functions as a music player for special occasions or in between tours.



Amplified audio guide system – key features

Language selection

      • Remote uploads & updates and effortless content management
      • Amplified audio works excellent in open-air vehicles
      • Great system to use with a microphone or music
      • Unlimited languages with up to 4 concurrently per audio tour
      • Advanced GPS system triggers each audio clip at the right moment
      • Easy to use monitor for drivers and skippers
      • Easy installation and low maintenance costs

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