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Multilingual Commentary Solutions for buses

The Multiple-Language Multiple- Route system allows our special brand of content to flow through headphones in up to 36 languages, in clear digital sound with 20% higher volume. The system can be wired or wireless; GPS or driver-triggered. Because the system can expand to up to 32 channels, there is no need to add to or replace the hardware once it's installed; Great Guide experts can upload new digital content whenever required.

Our team offers full support once your system is running - you need only contact us for assistance, whether technical or content-related.

Another thought:

On your buses, have you considered having not just multilingual but multiple-themed audio-tracks, allowing customers to travel the same route yet choose to hear specifically about local sporting, cultural or religious sites? Partner with us and we can help you maximise your customers' experience in innovative new ways.
Great Guide Magic - Tour Guide Systems - Creating Content

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