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Tour guide systems clients - City tours in Munich

City tours in Munich
Day excursions in Bavaria and into Austria: A variety of tours are offered by Gray Line Sightseeing. Accompanied by professional and experienced tour guides, Gray Line Sightseeing takes you to the sights you most want to see.

Tour guide systems clients - City SightSeeing Cape town

City Sightseeing Cape Town
The onboard GreatGuide system (hardware and content) has expanded from a single language (English) to 8 and then to 16.

Tour guide systems - City Sightseeing Malta

City Sightseeing Malta
This 24/7 service commissioned five systems - which were installed and commissioned in the same number of days. The fleet has since expanded.

Tour guide systems clients - City SightSeeing Los Angeles

City Sightseeing Hollywood
A GreatGuide service is to be supplied by the end of 2010. Here we come, tinsel town...

Tour guide systems clients - African Eagle

African Eagle Day Tours
Cape Town's largest day tour operator, with an outbound safari shuttle service where the trip is a joy thanks to GreatGuide.

Tour guide systems clients - Waterfront Boat Company

Waterfront Boats
A premier harbour tour in Cape Town, one of the world's favourite cities.

Great Guide Magic - Tour Guide Systems - Creating Content
City Sightseeing Cape Town - International City Sightseeing Operator of the Year

In 2009 City Sightseeing Cape Town was awarded as the "International City Sightseeing Operator of the Year" (against more than 80 international competitors), in recognition of its innovation, customer service, overall brand experience and commitment to environmental sustainability.

GreatGuide contributed to this by providing the complete tour guide system and commentary. GreatGuide has since proved an intrinsic contributor to the ubiquitousness and success of City Sightseeing Cape Town, a large fleet of double decker red buses which patrol the city's must-see routes. Each coach is outfitted with a state of the art GreatGuide Multi-Language Multi-Route system, which allows informative sound bytes about Cape Town's top sites to flow through headphones in 16 different languages. The pre-recorded sound bytes "fire" or trigger automatically according to the GPS coordinates of the buses.

GreatGuide was commissioned by City Sightseeing Cape Town to develop the fully integrated end-to-end solution, which has proved popular with thousands of visitors. The fleet has grown significantly and is now expanding into night tours as well...

GreatGuide has helped make City Sightseeing Cape Town one of the most cutting edge open-air tours on the road. Their complete total solution, of content plus hardware, has delivered beyond our expectations."
Claus Tworeck - City Sightseeing Cape Town.

Great Guide Magic - Tour Guide Systems - Creating Content
GreatGuide is passionate about our tour guide systems and the content that we write. Being a South African born company, part of our passion is to promote tourism , economic benefits and sustainable people and eco-friendly initiatives within Africa.

We have pledged that 10% of our profits per annum will be re-invested in developing and opening up more of the real African experience to tourists.

Please contact us to find out about our existing and planned projects in this sphere.

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