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Brian Segal - Great Guide Magic Brian Segal
Founder and CEO
BSc Electronic Engineer

Passionate about making GreatGuide an international brand and service, Brian Segal has been innovating and developing products for over 20 years.He has been involved in the design, implementation and commissioning of the control systems for large industrial plants and processes, like the casting of engine blocks, high speed paper lines and plant operations in Mexico, the USA and France.

Brian came up with the idea for GreatGuide in 2005, when he owned a guest house, and was very passionate about the surrounding area.

We had guests of all shapes and sizes, ages and colours, speaking different languages and staying for different lengths of time, yet they all asked exactly the same questions: Where can we get a quick bite to eat? What's there to do when it rains? What are the "must do" things while we are here?

Brian's background as an experienced electronic engineer meant that the solution he came up with was a combination of warm, friendly content accessed via a technologically sophisticated, location-sensitive device.

And so the idea of a GPS-based tour guide system - Great Guide - was born.

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